RaVisions Photography by Rachel Curtis

Hello!  I am Rachel Curtis.  I've been practicing photography since 2011.  I live and work in the Bangor, Maine area, with my husband, Randy. (Ra-chel & Ra-ndy - hence, Ra-Visions! Clever, no?) and our 3 kids.  I've always been a creative person, expressing myself in writing, drawing, painting, music, gardening, cooking & baking, and photography.  I'm a very passionate person, and get completely absorbed in everything I do.  Some would say I'm completely right-brained, which explains why I'm a left-handed free spirit. 

I've always welcomed creativity in my life.  Growing up, I would keep journals, write poetry, I would bake and cook often, draw endlessly, take photos with my little Kodak,  play the keyboard (badly-but I tried), & sing.  Fast forward to adulthood.  The most creative thing I found myself doing was doodling on a notepad while listening to customers on the phone. Then, in 2010 I picked up my first DSLR camera and took photos of my cousin's kids.  That first amateur photo session, done right in my front yard, reignited my creativity. It was so refreshing to finally have a creative outlet again, and I've been looking through the lens ever since.  I'm so grateful that I've found my gift(s) as I've grown, and continue to discover more as I try new things.  I feel as though everyone  has at least one special gift, and in this one life we are given, it is our responsibility to find what that gift is, and share it with the world.

Some things about me as a photographer & what you can expect from me:

I specialize in natural light photography, where most of our sessions will take place outside.  I don't have a studio.  The only indoor sessions that I do are some newborn and cake smash sessions.  

I consider my photography style to be a blend of lifestyle and portraiture. More than likely, you will end up with a blend of posed shots, as well as candid shots of your experience.

I can promise you that I will do my best to make you feel comfortable during your session. I seem to have a way of feeling like I've known you for years, and you'll usually feel that! Hey, who doesn't like an old friend?!

I've found that when I say "We're almost done", that usually means we have about 20 minutes left! Haha! I LOVE photographing people, and sometimes I could snap away forever. One thing I'll NEVER do is make you feel rushed or that we're under some sort of time constraint. Sessions usually run about 90 minutes or so. If by the time I'm done with your session, I don't have dirt on my pants, grass stains, and messy hair, then we're not done yet!

I am fun, bubbly, sometimes a little crazy (in a funny, good way!), and I'll always greet you with a ginormous smile!

I am currently providing  openings for Senior, Engagement, Maternity, Newborn, Children, and Family portraits. Click HERE to see my portfolio of the beautiful moments I can capture for you!

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