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You're about to embark on your first major milestone as a young adult - graduation!  This is such a bittersweet, exciting time for you!  Thank you so much for considering me for your senior photo experience!  I am committed to providing you with the best experience, capturing all of the things that make you YOU, and providing you with beautiful photos to commemorate your senior year.

Before your session:

When we secure your session date, start thinking about what kind of location you would like to have your photos taken.  For seniors, I like downtown sessions, as well as summer field sessions. 

I normally like to confirm the time with you a few days before the session, so we know if the weather is going to cooperate with us.   Expect me to message or call you a couple days before to nail down a time.

Start thinking about how you want to look in your photos.  I recommend bringing several outfits on hangers to avoid wrinkles - please, don't stuff them in a bag.  Also, if you are going to have your hair and/or makeup professionally done, consider booking your appointment once you have booked with me.  If you would like a photo of your class ring, make sure your nails are clean and free of chipped/old nailpolish, dirt, etc. 

If you participate in extracurricular activities, or have a certain hobby you would like to bring into your photos, please think about what you'll need to bring to showcase that.  If you have props you would like to bring (soccer ball, cheerleading outfit/pom poms, guitar, etc), please do! 

This session is all about you and your personality, so please don't hesitate to share your ideas with me, what you want, what you like and dislike.  I will be happy to work with you to get exactly what you're looking for!

During your session

My hope is for you to be as comfortable as can be.  If you're not used to having your photo taken, you may feel a little awkward at first.  Just trust that I will tell you exactly what to do, and my goal is to make you look your best.  After the first few photos, you will start feeling more comfortable, and by the end of it, you'll probably be having a pretty good time, and you'll start to feel confident that we're getting great photos of the inner model in you!

Parents are more than welcome to attend your session, and they are even welcome to jump in to a couple photos at the end!  If I feel that having parents watching is making you uncomfortable, I may have them step back for a little bit, so we can have some one-on-one time, and you can feel comfortable modeling in front of the camera, but I will always bring them back over at the end, or when you're really comfortable.

Senior sessions usually last about 2 hours.  Be prepared for a couple outfit changes during this time (if you want more than one outfit).  Keep in mind that there is not always a place to change, so either you'll be changing in the car, behind a bush, or you can wear a tank top and workout shorts under your clothes.


As I've mentioned, bring several outfits if you're looking for different looks.  You don't have to bring all summer clothes.  I recommend bringing fall looks as well.  Think layers, boots, leggings, and scarves.  Bring both long and short sleeve options. 

For girls, flowy country dresses with cowboy boots or flats, button shirts with a cardigan, skinny belt, leggings or skinny jeans, boots or flats.  The possibilities are endless.  

For the guys, button up shirts, solid tees, and layers work for guys too!  Just avoid logos and distracting patterns. 

Polyvore is a great (addicting) fashion website to get outfit ideas, as well as pinterest!  Don't forget accessories and shoes for each outfit.



After your session

Payment is due at the time of your session, either at the beginning or end, but needs to be paid in full at the session before the work of editing begins.  I will usually have a preview available for you on my facebook page within a day or two, so make sure to like my page to see your preview!  Clients are always welcome to tag themselves and family in their preview photos.  You are also free to use your preview photo as your profile picture, but please try not to crop it in any way.

After your session, I sort through all of the photos taken from your session, keeping the best ones to edit.  I'll then start the editing process, which will typically be complete within two weeks of your session.  I will let you know when they are ready and send you a link to your online gallery so you can view all of your finished photos and even share your gallery with friends and family. You will be provided a password to download your online gallery as well.  This password can be shared with family and friends who you'd like to have access to gallery downloads as well. You are free to print your downloaded photos wherever you would like, or you can purchase prints directly through your online gallery.  I have more info about that under session info.

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