Session Info:

• Once we have agreed on a date, I'll email you our contract so that we are in agreement of what's being provided.  This will need to be reviewed and signed before the start of the session. 

• Full payment will be required at the time of your session.  Editing will not begin until payment is made in full.

• After the session, I'll sort through your photos and choose which ones make the cut into the editing process.  The amount of images I edit will correspond with the package you've chosen.  Final images will be uploaded to an online gallery within 2 weeks of your session. Your session fee does not cover prints. It does give you all the completed digital images.  You will be provided a password to download digital files of your  full online gallery.  This password can be shared with family and friends who you'd like to have access to gallery downloads as well. 

You are free to print your downloaded photos wherever you would like, or you can purchase prints directly through your online gallery.  I recommend purchasing prints from your gallery, as they are printed by a professional lab, Bay Photo.  I use this method for all of my own personal prints.

• I will always confirm location and time with you a few days before your session.  I like to hold off on scheduling a time, so we can look at the weather and plan the time around that.  I book my sessions in the evening, within 2-3 hours of sunset for the best lighting.

• Sessions are kept to a maximum of 6 people. An additional fee of $20/person will apply for each additional person.

• Sessions are normally kept within 10 miles of Bangor. I will travel within reason, however, a mileage fee of $1.25/mile will apply if you would like me to travel beyond 20 miles round trip of  Bangor.

• Minor retouches in each photo are included, but if you would like extra retouching (braces removed, etc), it does have an additional cost.

What to wear?

When choosing outfits, remember, you want the photos to showcase you, so please steer clear of distracting logos or patterns.  Try to avoid extremely bright/neon colors, as they can cast the same hue onto your skin.  

Families: I would recommend choosing a complementing color palette, using 3-4 complementing colors.*  I tend to recommend neutral colors with one "color pop" color, but ultimately it is your choice and your personal style.  For example, child 1 wears a gray sweater with red collar peeking out, and jeans. Child 2 has a red dress with black or gray fashion boots.  Mom wears a black dress with a gray scarf and red earrings. Dad wears red and gray button-up shirt and jeans. This example shows how the colors play off of each other using a palette of red, gray, and black, while adding interest and cohesion.  If you have any questions or need help choosing something, let me know! I would be happy to help!  If you feel stuck, just send me a photo with outfits layed out and I will help give suggestions to pull it all together!

*The photo to the right is a perfect example of color coordination.  We've got a palette of blue, orange and navy.  The child is in all three colors, mom has picked out the "color pop" of orange from his shirt to plan her main color of orange, and uses the navy accent in the child's shirt as her secondary color for her undershirt.  And dad has the navy accent from the child's shirt as his main color, with the orange color pop as his undershirt.

Children: Little ones photograph well in solid colors, knit articles, shirts with buttons, ruffles, layers and bare feet in the summer!  I would recommend avoiding graphic tees, or shirts with logos or characters.  Remember that we want the focus to be on your child, and want to avoid distracting graphics.

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